Who Are We?

Social Gurus originally formed in 2010 and provided SEO and A couple of Social Media Services. Since then, we have grown and evolved with the times to provide exceptionally professional services to small and large businesses. We provide Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Instagram Marketing and Google+ at the moment with hope of expanding to other Social Media Networks very soon.

If there is anything that Social Gurus do not know about Social Media Marketing then it is not worth knowing at all. We are experts in this field and consider ourselves as pioneers of the industry. Many other companies have tried to duplicate what we do with limited success. This is down to the professionalism and experience we have and we will never lower our standard.

Why Pick Social Gurus?

It’s simple. There are reason why many other companies have tried to copy our style of work. We have developed high tech in-house systems which allow us to work to such high standards and we have invested heavily in our infrastructure. We can’t speak for other companies but we can take a guess and say they haven’t invested as much as we have to provide the services we do.

It’s not only our investment that makes us a better company but we take our work seriously and pride ourselves on being the best – which we believe we have achieved and must sustain this achievement.