Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Delivery Time?
250-500 Facebook Likes delivery per Day. Although over the Christmas and New year period this may be longer than usual.

Will My Likes Drop?
They shouldn’t as we do genuinely provide Real Facebook Likes but in the event that this should happen we will always top them up, free of charge.

Are My Followers Targeted?
Not at the moment, we provide Worldwide Likes.

Can I Split My Order To Different Page?
You can, but each page must have at least 500 Likes applied to them. We will not accept a Split Page order for orders under 1000 Likes.

Will Facebook Punish Me?
No. We use an advertising system that is working within Facebook’s Terms and Conditions. There is no possible way that they will ban your page.

Why Should I Buy Facebook Likes?

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There are many reason why one should buy Facebook Likes to boost their online campaign. Firstly, if you have an empty Social Media page then no one trusts that company. The World that we live in now is far different that the one we lived in 10 years ago before Facebook and Twitter Etc. We now have access to full genuine reviews of companies and people’s opinions on them. You are now far more likely to purchase from a business that has a full and active Facebook page. Buying Facebook Likes is the quickest and most efficient way to ‘fill’ up your empty page.

Facebook is THE biggest marketing tool on the planet without a doubt, so if you are not using it to it’s full potential then you are missing out massively. You can gain the upper hand on competitors simply by using our service. The more ‘Likes’ you have, the more likely you are too gain customers over your competitors.

The benefit of purchasing Facebook Likes is immense. One of these reason is once you buy Likes from our company they don’t take weeks / months / years to appear. They take days. You are saving valuable time in building up your brand by using this method. Even if you have a few thousand Facebook Likes at the moment, it never hurts to add more to your page. Building a brand is hard work and we take some of the load off you. Best of all, we are based in the UK and we provide support during normal business hours in the UK so no more waiting between time zones to get a response from us.