Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take?
Normally we process Twitter Followers orders within 24 hours although sometimes it can take up to 3 Days.

Will My Twitter Followers Drop?
They certainly shouldn’t but in the event that this should happen then we will top them up, free of charge.

Are My Twitter Followers Targeted?
At this moment in time no. We are working on a system to allow us to target specific countries though.

Can I Split My Order To Different Usernames?
Of course. We allow a minimum of 100 Followers per account.

Will Twitter Ban Me?
No – We have served thousands of people within the last 12-18
months and not once have we had an account banned due to using
our services.

Should I Buy Twitter Followers?

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Buying Twitter Followers totally depends on what you want to achieve with your business. If you already have a decent following and a very active profile then buying thousands more followers doesn’t make sense. In this case, you would only buy a handful just to keep it rising at a steady pace. Businesses in the UK will usually buy Followers when either things start to die down a little or you have just started up. This is the perfect time to buy them in fact.

We don’t need to tell you how big Twitter is and the potential to gain new clients, we presume you already know that, but the hardest part really is getting yourself out there where people are listening to what you are saying and / or doing. This is were having more Twitter Followers really matters. When people click on your page and you only have a few followers then people just don’t take you seriously. The more Twitter Followers you have the better chance you have of people reading and actually taking in what you are saying.